My sincerest apologies about the lack of content over the past many weeks. I don’t know what it is – I’ve picked up books and put them down, unsure if the book wasn’t working for me, wasn’t what I needed to read at the time, or simply wasn’t a book I was interested in. The smallest little niggles in books were annoying me, and I had little patience with books, both ones that are parts of series I immensely enjoy (Heirs of the Blade, Midnight Tides) and ones that I had high hopes for (The Falcon Throne, City of Stairs). I was around 3/4 through The Falcon Throne when I (temporarily) shelved it due to the aforementioned minor issues such as large/often time jumps, lulls in plot progress, etc. City of Stairs may simply be the fact that urban fantasy has never really worked for me. I’ve been more willing to put aside books that I’m a significant chunk into, probably due in part to both my lack of patience recently and the fact that I simply have so many books.

On the plus side, I’m currently reading Paul Kearney’s Corvus and thoroughly enjoying it, and I plan to write a sort of review/theme discussion because, as some of you may have seen me mention on Goodreads, it shares some very relevant and poignant themes with Christian Cameron’s Killer of Men series in regards to the lives of soldiers.

In the end, I just want it known that neither the blog nor I are dead, and I hope to revive it very soon.

I’ll leave it to my favorite quote in a series full of quotable people (Erikson’s Malazan):

“I am not yet done.”
Art by Merlkir of the Malazan Art Guild (DeviantArt)

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