I welcome all books (no indie at this time, sorry!) that you’d like me to read and review. Alongside review requests, I have books that I purchase on my own from my seemingly never-ending to-read list, therefore I cannot guarantee immediate interest in a request. I will respond to them all, but which ones I pick to review boils down to my interests, which are primarily fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction, though I dabble in many other categories of speculative fiction, so my tastes are fairly broad. All of my reviews are my honest opinions, regardless of what other people thought of the work – there is something special about enjoying a book that other people did not.

If you’ve got something you want me to review, contact me at:


 Please include some things about the book in the email, especially the title and author, release date, and a summary of the work. And please, no automated emails. I will not respond to emails that look like they’re sent to any email address found on the site – make it personalized.

My reviews are posted first on this blog, followed by Goodreads, Amazon, and Twitter.

If you’re an SFF author interested in a guest post or interview, drop me a line at the above email and I’ll see what we can do.


In accordance with the FTC guidelines for blogging/endorsements:
Many of the books I review here are given to me by publishers in exchange for an honest review.
The links to Amazon and Book Depository are affiliate links in which a meager percentage of the sale (if something is bought) are given to me – thus the links in the sidebar.